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Cancer Medical

The insurance scheme offered to members of Indian Cancer Society came into effect from July 1985 and. The Indian Cancer Society offers different types of membership to their members such as life members, well-wisher ordinary members, corporate members etc. The membership of the society is available only to those individuals below 70 years of the age and are not cancer patients or potential cancer cases. The membership fees of the society includes insurance premium also.
For availing the benefit of this insurance, a proposer has to fill membership form of the society and has to complete a proposal of the insurance company by giving the details asked therein. The proposal form also contains a certification by a doctor that the proposer is not suffering from cancer.
The policy covers the insured members and his/her spouse. During the operation of this insurance, if the insured member or spouse contracts cancer, then the insurance Company will pay to the insured, cost of diagnosis, biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hospitalization and rehabilitation to the extent of the sum insured. The sum insured is available in multiple of Rs. 50,000/- subject to a maximum of Rs. 2 Lakhs. The policy allows cumulative bonus of 5% for each claim free year up to a maximum of 50%. The policy is valid for 12 months and each insured member has to pay the annual membership of the society which includes premium, before its expiry. The renewal insurance will have no waiting period and the policy will operate as usual from its renewal date.
  • Special features of the policy
Special features of the policy:
Policy stipulates that though, the insured member and his/her spouse, are covered under the policy, once either of them contracts cancer, the spouse will not be entitled to any benefit under the policy. The other member is free to take fresh membership of Indian Cancer Society by completing the required formalities
The Indian Cancer Society as an add on benefit provide to the insured member and his/her spouse check up for cancer only once, free of cost and subsequent check up at 50% discount.
The policy can be extended to cover two dependent children of the insured person on payment of additional premium. Separate indemnities are granted to each child.
Policy covers only allopathic treatment.
Reimbursement of claims are made on quarterly basis on production of medical/hospital bills duly certified by Indian Cancer Society.


How to claim ?

If the Insured intend to make any claim under this Policy
  1. Intimate TPA in writing on detection of any Illness/Injury being suffered immediately or forty eight hours before Hospitalisation.
  2. Intimate within twenty four hours from the time of Hospitalisation in case of Hospitalisation due to medical emergency.
  3. Submit following supporting documents TPA relating to the claim within seven days from the date of discharge from the Hospital:       
    • Bill, Receipt and Discharge certificate / card from the Hospital.
    • Cash Memos from the Hospitals (s) / Chemists (s), supported by proper prescriptions.
    • Receipt and Pathological test reports from Pathologist supported by the note from the attending Medical Practitioner / Surgeon recommending such Pathological tests / pathological.
    • Surgeon's certificate stating nature of operation performed and Surgeons’ bill and receipt.
    • Attending Doctor's/ Consultant's/ Specialist's / Anesthetist’s bill and receipt, and certificate regarding diagnosis.
  4. In case of Post-Hospitalisation treatment (limited to sixty days), submit all claim documents within 7 days after completion of such treatment.
  5. Provide TPA with authorization to obtain medical and other records from any Hospital, Laboratory or other agency.
The Insured person shall submit to the TPA all original bills, receipts and other documents upon which a claim is based and shall also give the TPA/Us such additional information and assistance as the TPA / We may require.
Any Medical Practitioner authorised by the TPA/Us shall be allowed to examine the Insured Person, at our cost, if We deem Medically Necessary in connection with any claim.